Utility bills delayed by server issue

Columbus City Utilities has resolved a server issue that caused water and sewer bills to go out late this month, but some customers are still confused as to why they didn’t receive a bill at the regular time.

City Utilities Executive Director Roger Kelso said the city department had issues with its computer servers about two weeks ago, which impacted the billing process.

The issue may have resulted from a lightning strike near the building, he said.

“We worked real hard to get that restored, but the problem is is that the bills are delayed by about two weeks,” said Kelso. “And so the billing cycles are going to be late for a couple of months, like that, because once you get out of cycle, it takes a while to work back into cycle.”

It will still be a couple of months before statements return to their normal cycle, he said. Utilities staff expect the normal cycle to resume by November.

Due dates on the bills have been extended to compensate for the delay in the bills getting to customer’s mailboxes, Kelso said.

When asked who people should contact if they notice these kinds of billing issues in the future, Kelso said that customers can call Columbus City Utilities at 812-372-8861 and ask for Melissa Chadd.

For more information on billing, or to sign up for online bill payment for water and sewer bills, visit https://www.columbusutilities.org/.