Around Town – Sept. 23

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Sept. 23

Orchids to

Sharon Mangas’ column.

Scott Keen for his well written letter.

the accurate and compelling letter by Scott Keen.

Sharon Mangas for a great guest column in Thursday’s paper.

Scott Keen for his letter.

Sharon Mangas for her column.

Scott Keen for his thoughts in his letter.

Sharon Mangas, guest columnist, on her article.

Sharon Mangas and Scott Keen for their well written articles.

our state legislator for his support of local small business.

the local running group sparing us all their bigotry by choosing not to run Saturday.

the prosecutor for challenging more of the lawlessness of the former leader and his kids.

Onions to

the instructor trying to hand out medical advice.

the bus drivers speeding down Marr Road every day.

those who don’t realize the more you complain, the more people and children want to read for themselves what you’re complaining about.

the local running group choosing not to run the marathon because of Pride being the same day.

having a two hour drag show with children present.

not realizing if you really want to go to the marathon, you can find a way.

our city, which is on the wrong path.

the group showing its true colors by not running the marathon because it’s scheduled the same day as the Pride Festival.

supporters of the federal leader that proves you can fool some of the people all of the time.

having the Pride Festival at the same time as the marathon, the focus should be on the runners and their achievement.

the representative who has twisted Second amendment rights so I must live in fear of gun violence perpetrated by owners of assault weapons.

the representative who thinks posing with an assault rifle makes him look tough.

the representative who thinks assault rifles are a good product to manufacture.

going on and on about taking away a woman’s rights to choose regarding her body, that right just needs to be exercised before the pregnancy.

using county taxpayer money to fund activities for children at a Pride festival.

all the pro-choice people who only care about the woman and not the baby.

the federal agency for bullying an agent.

the minivan that blew through the light.

those who refuse to hold any religious beliefs at all.

Happy Birthday to

Jenni Cashen, friend and coach to many!