Around Town – Sept. 24

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Sept. 24

Orchids to

Vickie Wheeler for buying my supper! I loved eating with you guys, from Janet.

Charles McDermott for the great photo of the puffin in Thursday’s edition, from Sheila.

Ross Thomas, Democratic candidate for State House 59, who took issue with Ryan Lauer’s use of an assault rifle in publicity photos.

Ryan Lauer for his support of the Second Amendment and supporting our local businesses.

knowing that asylum seekers are not illegal immigrants.

Sharon Mangas for another great column.

the New York attorney general, too bad we can’t have one just like her.

Scott Keen’s letter.

Sharon Mangas’ column.

the person who paid for our lunch last Monday at Applebee’s, it was very much appreciated and we will pay it forward.

the lady at JayC that bought my gallon of milk, you are a very wonderful person and I will pay it forward.

Sharon Mangas for her article and Scott Keen for his letter.

Richard Thelman for a very good article as well as Sharon Mangas for her column and Scott Keen for his letter./

the paper for another great opinion page on Friday.

Aubree Skinner for sharing the fabulous photo of the butterfly in Friday’s edition.

Onions to

the city for taking a third of my front yard for an unnecessary pathway.

the shameful party voting against upholding electoral integrity.

those who don’t realize that government spending never causes inflation but only increases national debt.

not mowing or weed-eating the backside of the fence on a weekly basis.

representative who was photographed holding an AR-15 and smiling when it has only been a few months since two classrooms of children were slaughtered with one.

the representative who said an AR-15 is a great product when it is a weapon of war and its only purpose is to slaughter people.

whoever decided to have the marathon on a Saturday causing the Columbus Transit to not run all day leaving passengers without transportation.

the city for allowing our city parks to be parking places for homeless people to sleep in.

the city for ever allowing drag shows when we should be striving for a healthy family community.

Happy Birthday to

Sheila Peda, from your family, coworkers and Donna.

Jim Lyons, from your family and Donna.

Darlene Abplanalp, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Brian Thompson, from Kimberly Thompson.

Glen Earl Moon, love your family and friends.

Patty Brock, from volleyball friends.

Julia Helen Swegman, much love from all your family.