Around Town – Sept. 27

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Sept. 27

Orchids to

my neighbor Janice Montgomery for the lovely mums, from a grateful neighbor.

the kind gentleman who mowed our lot, it is greatly appreciated! from the GTWPVFD board secretary.

Ryan Trares for his great, fun-to-read columns.

Heritage of Hope, Inc. for another amazing year at Heritage Days!

David Clouse and crew for having the Hope Town Square in great shape for the Heritage Days festival.

Hope for the fabulous fireworks at the end of Saturday evening, they were awesome.

St. Peter’s Lutheran School for a wonderful grandparents’ day program.

Allison Horner, Ivy Tech instructor, for having a Zoom session Sunday afternoon for a student who needed extra help.

the local running group for upholding their convictions.

Rex Banks for your help Saturday, it was appreciated, from Tom and Judy.

Onions to

the representative smiling for a picture with an AR-15 when it is not even safe to go to a mall or send children to school because of the risk of being slaughtered by one.

the former federal official who is taking money from hardworking people who think it’s going to political purposes when it’s actually going to pay his wife’s clothing designer.

people who simply do not understand if you pay everyone $50 an hour, the cost of goods and services will increase to the point where that wage isn’t even a livable wage, and we start this silly conversation all over again.

people that can’t understand it’s not an employer’s responsibility to make sure you can live within your means.

the current leaders for intentionally destroying our border and blaming the former leaders.

John Krull for slamming Indiana for job losses due to abortion laws when you can’t put a price on a baby’s life.

the federal elected official who continues to damage this country and now has reduced our Strategic Oil Reserve to the lowest level since 1984.

those who complain about the marathon because the restrictions are for the runners’ safety.

the previous federal elected official using his super powers to declassify sensitive documents with his mind.

the representative who poses with a firearm that has been used to slaughter many school children, and the next day sends out an e-mail about school safety.

whoever in the city decided to have the pride festival and the marathon on the same day.

the columnist who bemoans her mother’s struggle for women’s rights, but denies the same to unborn women.

the guest columnist who told women to fight their rights, when abortion has never been a right but our Constitution.

people who corrupt children’s minds just to advance their political agendas.

the political party that thinks it is cool to be cruel.

having the day of Pride and the marathon both on the front page of the paper and nothing about Hot Rods and Rock and Roll.

Happy Birthday to

Tammy Baker, from your family, coworkers, Missy and Donna.

Lisa Peck, from your family, coworkers and Donna.

Linda Moss, from Luretta.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Mackenzie Clark on No. 16, love Mikayla, Grandma and Uncle Michael.