Around Town – Sept. 28

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Sept. 28

Orchids to

the four men picking up trash on 12th St., between Central and Pennsylvania, on Monday morning.

the Hope Veterinary clinic and Hillary for the kind help in our beloved cat’s passing, from Steve and Charlotte.

Ross Thomas and Bryan Munoz for the excellent job they did at Monday night’s forum.

the very helpful Walmart checkout assistant when I had a question about a price discrepancy, she gave me the advertised price.

Andy East for his great article on the America Rescue Plan.

the Columbus EMTs, firemen, and personnel at CRH emergency department for their awesome care and professionalism last Friday.

Onions to

the party who is accusing the former federal elected official of intending to sell classified documents when he doesn’t need the money.

a city not following its own salary study results, paying less than market, losing employees and forcing taxpayers to pay for outside contractors and excess overtime costs.

automated healthcare reminder messages that start a month in advance and are made daily.

the kind of city we’ve turned into.

local church running radio ads asking people to protest books they don’t like at the next library board meeting.

people who refused to wear a mask at the movie conversation at an event advertised that masks would be required.

the former federal elected official whose super power mind still thinks he’s president.

the words family-friendly and drag show in the same sentence.

the town that would actually stoop so low as to permit a depraved gathering encouraging innocent children to attend by specifically providing activities for them.

local health providers who never answer their phone and send their calls to the hospital switchboard and they don’t know the answers to questions.

mocking conservative values.

the representative that refuses to speak to the local paper and only talks to his constituents when it is a fundraiser.

Happy Birthday to

Chris Clulow, from your family and Donna.

Lori Acton, from our family, Billie, Mary Beth, Chris, Shauna, and Donna.

Jeff Jones, from your family and Donna.

Missy Retz, from Alan, April, Katie, Tommi, Lily, Braelynn, and Sandy.