Around Town – Oct. 1

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Oct. 1

Orchids to

Leo Morris for his spot-on column.

Leo Morris for a thoughtful opinion article.

The Republic for helping to promote Constitution Week, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

the Kroger parking lot attendant who got my rollator out of the car for me and came back out to put it back in my car, it was much appreciated.

Leo Morris for the very insightful article.

all who helped raise money for Kindness for Kimmy on Sunday at the benefit, for the VFW for helping us raise money and for letting us have the benefit there.

Leo Morris for his column.

Congressman Greg Pence for always being available here and serving up in the district and representing us very well.

Cinde Wirth for showing up at the forum for her constituents as she runs for representative contrary to her opponent who won’t take interviews from our local paper and didn’t show up at the forum.

John Krull for another great column, from Sheila.

our country being much better off with the current administration than the last intolerable one that we had.

Onions to

an emergency alert system that just needs to notify us of everything to protect us from everything.

the unprepared school board candidate spreading misinformation as he did not know, or didn’t admit, that BCSC shared the information on ParentSquare and in printed letters.

our local federal representative who refuses to participate in Columbus forums with his constituents.

politicians who politicize natural disasters because this is not the time.

our representative, the invisible man, who apparently sees no need to communicate to his constituents, or, for that matter, anyone.

health care providers that don’t realize it’s impossible to press “1” to confirm an upcoming appointment in a voice mail message and yet that seems to be the only way to confirm it.

the small group of women who continue to complain about every politician except those in their party.

those living in the alternate universe where the economy is great and the world is safe.

Happy Birthday to

Kaushik Goon, from your family and Donna.

Carolyn Priest, from Two Worlds, Deborah and Donna.

Shelby Seward, from your coworkers at Columbus Internal Medicine.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Judy Meyer, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.