Letter: Is authoritarianism right direction for state, nation?

From: Harold Wilson


It seems that conservative legislators in some States, including Indiana, are trying to leading us toward an authoritarian government.

They have made it more difficult for us to vote. In a democracy, it should be easy to vote, not hard.

Next year, the United States Supreme Court is going to hear a case which will allow state lawmakers to overturn the voters’ choice in presidential elections and, although they haven’t decided to hear them, there are cases before them concerning protecting police officers from lawsuits unless it can be shown that their conduct violated a clearly established constitutional right.

Currently, 24 states are considering bills that would threaten our right to protest. Our Indiana legislature attempted to pass a law that would have allowed police to use “any means necessary” to clear protesters off a roadway, but fortunately, it was not allowed to the floor for a vote.

They have eliminated a woman’s right to safely have an abortion. Those of us who remember what it was like before Roe vs Wade can see the tragedy of what will happen.

They have banned critical race theory from being taught in our schools. However, because of Asian, Black and Native American history months and other documentaries, they cannot hide the truth.

Eighteen states, including Indiana, offer no explicit protection against discrimination for our LGBT community. In a democracy, everybody is equal, whether you like them or not.

Is this the right direction for America?