Around Town – Oct. 6

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Oct. 6

Orchids to

Janis Montgomery for the Panera bagels, from Clifty Creek Elementary.

Brian Howey for his column on the opinion page.

Onions to

not having the elevator running at the wedding reception, leaving people in wheelchairs, cane walkers and people with disabilities wondering how to get upstairs.

the preschool that has poor pick up procedures clogging up traffic.

people that forget the cameras may catch bad guys and girls but they also watch every move you make.

drivers who refuse to even slow down at stop signs.

the political party that says women should not have abortions but they are standing by men who pay for them.

the political party that has abandoned character and integrity.

Happy Birthday to

Catherine Simmons, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Pastor Chuck Kennedy, from your friends at Columbus Baptist Church.