Letter: Our children and community deserve a stronger BCSC

From: Samantha Ison

On Oct. 8, there was a letter to the editor asking for voters to support specific Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. school board candidates. These candidates were either part of the establishment (current board members or teachers) that the author claims would “continue progress.” If you look at BCSC’s current state, one would challenge what that progress really is.

Here are some current BCSC education stats (Source: Indiana Department of Education via PublicSchools.com):

  • Graduation rate: 86%
  • Reading proficiency: 51%
  • Math proficiency: 42%

BCSC reading proficiency is at the state average, however, graduation rate and math proficiency are both below Indiana state averages, and Indiana is the middle of the pack state for education nationally. These stats have only declined over the past decade, so again, one wonders what progress are we receiving. Over this past decade, BCSC had more than half of its schools’ scoring downgraded by the Indiana Department of Education, which has resulted in BCSC going from nine grade “A” schools to only three today.

On Nov. 8, the voters are being presented two very clear choices based on the grouping of candidates:

Choice A: Vote for the teachers union/establishment candidates and continue the progress that has led to BCSC becoming a below-average school system.

Choice B: Vote for four dads who are seeking to enhance the system to provide a better outlook for both our children and our community.

The first choice has been clear that they see progress and they want to continue building on that progress, where I see a school system on the wrong trajectory.

As to the four dads, I see four parents who want better for their children and recognize a need for parents to once again have a voice in their education. From my review, they stand for the following:

  • Putting student safety and academics first in every decision.
  • Focusing on academics by bringing the curriculum back to the basics to build stronger schools.
  • Prioritizing academic funding to close the gap in education between BCSC and its peers.
  • BCSC’s funding is over $145 million next year, so we need to see that academic priority.
  • Ensuring that parents and taxpayers have an unrestricted voice in their school board by ensuring community transparency and removing restrictions to public comment during board meetings.
  • Building a structure that hires and retains the best teachers versus one today that says it does.

These guys are not endorsed by the teachers union, nor indebted to any organization to drive a specific agenda. They simply want change for our children, so that our children and community have a stronger future. If you want similar change for your children, grandchildren, our community, and a school board that does not serve any special interests, then please consider the following candidates on Nov. 8:

District 1: Jason Major.

District 2: Roy West.

District 4: Eric Grow.

District 6: Logan Schulz.

Editor’s note: This letter is paid political content. It is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.