Around Town – Oct. 25

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff. Submitted orchids and onions about candidates on the Nov. 8 ballot are being withheld until after the election.

Oct. 25

Orchids to

Blessed Life Fellowship and Pastor Andy Robins and wife, Donna, for addressing banning books at our local library.

Jason Hatton and the Bartholomew County Library staff for supporting a wide variety of books and materials for all readers.

those who understand what the purpose of public schools and public libraries are.

all the train horns which, since I have to work four jobs to afford living in Columbus, help keep me awake day and night.

those who celebrate heterosexuality and Christian values.

Andy East for his work and being a true journalist in this community.

Sheriff Matt Myers and Detective Will Kinman for all the hard work in keeping one of my friends safe and making an arrest, from Nancy.

Zach at Kroger for catching the incorrect price that rang up, from a happy customer.

the person who is responsible for placing the beautiful mums in front of Columbus City Hall.

Elizabethtown Volunteer Fire Department for efficient extinguishing of a seriously threatening grass leaf fire on Sunday/

Bob Woodward for releasing his audiobook tape of interviews with the former federal elected official.

the Taylorsville Methodist Church for its wonderful chicken noodle dinner over the weekend.

Onions to

the young driver who failed to check their blind spot and put down the phone while switching lanes, nearly wrecking into a vehicle on the bridge.

not realizing the oil shortage is the reason for our high gas prices and increasing our oil supply can bring down the price.

the utopian vision for Second Street.

religious zealots forcing everyone to conform to their beliefs by banning books which excludes members of the community through their bigotry.

vehicles that do not pull up to the next numbered open spot in the pickup lane.

the narrow-minded people wanting to ban or remove books from the public library.

the local church for being homophobic and ageist.

the letter siding with Russia’s insane dictator to take over Ukraine!

the library that has added pronouns to their patrons addresses which is an incorrect way to write an address.

the ex-federal elected official who has the right to remain silent but not the ability to do so.

adults who use exercise as punishment.

bigotry masquerading as vestments.

elitists trying to usurp the rights of parents.

churches who promote and celebrate Halloween which is Satan’s Day.

the pandemic that has caused people to forget their social skills.

one of our native sons playing a role in the corporate greed that is a big part of our high inflation.

Happy Birthday to

Tressa Blanton, from your family and Donna.

Jacque Greathouse, from Joseph Hart DAR.

Mary Williams, from Joseph Hart DAR.

Sheila Redman Deiwert.