Around Town – Nov. 5

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Nov. 5

Orchids to

those who know how important it is that our democratic institutions are strong and American capitalism thrives because we are known for having free and fair elections.

the American people who are voting to make the country safe and prosperous again.

Michael Hicks’ well-crafted editorial identifying the dangers included in the new ‘Statement of Principles’ of the National Conservatism movement.

the man wearing plaid for finding our paper in the bush.

Onions to

the administration’s big lie that our border is secure and criminals aren’t flooding into our country.

the constant drumbeat about weapons. The issue has many faces.

talk show host’s lie about candidate’s claim that she was contacted by a Dearborn, Michigan parent angered by sexually explicit books in schools.

the White House aide who feels that it is appropriate to give “a final warning” to voters who disagree with his positions.

Happy Birthday to

Cindy House, from all your family.

Jamie Shepherd, from all your coworkers at Columbus Internal Medicine.

Chad Buehler, from your family and Donna.

Nancy Schoenbein, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Carolyn Kissel, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Jackson Fox on No. 18! love Mom, Dad, Lila, Grayson, Keegan.

Cindy House, from Dwane, Dad, Mom, and all your family.