Around Town – Nov. 16

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Nov. 16

Orchids to

Bartholomew County Public Library for a great military display, honoring our veterans.

congratulations to St. Peter’s eighth grade coach, Mark Christopher, and his team for playing great basketball at the Indianapolis basketball tournament in Indianapolis over the weekend.

Mike Pence for his new book and not being afraid to share his faith in God.

all those who did research each candidate and then voted straight party ticket.

Onions to

national voters who didn’t pay enough attention to what was happening to our country to stop it.

this community and to the state voting into office an election denier as our Secretary of State.

the misguided memoir writer who chose to sell a book years later rathe than speak out when it mattered.

the former leader that doesn’t view his actions as reckless when he should be telling what he knows to the Justice Department or the Jan. 6 committee.

holding control of the Senate at the cost of millions of unborn children.

the retail employees at the who are more worried about stocking shelves than ringing up customers.

people that think solar is the “energy solution” — you can’t eat solar panels.

people who have nothing better to do than complain about how others voted.

the stable genius who’s doing his best to dismantle his political party.

the former federal elected official’s lawsuit to circumvent the congressional subpoena because he has so much to hide.

the federal elected official’s speech in Philadelphia.

those who oppose censoring books from school libraries, and obviously are not concerned about the harm that adult books would cause children.

Happy Birthday to

Jack Dunn, love, your family!