Around Town – Nov. 18

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Nov. 18

Orchids to

the producers of the film “Till” for being historically accurate and emotionally powerful, and should be seen by all Americans who care about racial justice.

Sen. Todd Young for being one of only 12 Republican senators voting in favor of the bipartisan bill protecting same-sex marriage.

Greg Willmore for the wonderfully articulated letter to the editor.

Greg Willmore for his well written letter, from a registered voter who agrees!

the editorial in Thursday paper and Dr. Feldman’s column.

Morton Marcus for his column.

Pastor Adam Rodriguez at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church for a great sermon last weekend.

Traditions for the wonderfully delicious Thanksgiving feast for residents, family and friends.

Onions to

the ridiculous property assessment which caused my house payment to go up $130 per month while on a fixed income.

all schools who blow off bullying and do nothing about it.

the business that gets handed READI money for a HVAC system and it’s still not enough.

those not realizing cashless does no good if you don’t clean your card machines and PIN pads after every use.

the candidate who already has pensions and now is working on a third one.

people who can’t even count votes.

Happy Birthday to

Steve Elmerick, from your family and Donna.

Sheryl Chatham, from your family, Linda and Donna.

Jerry Sharp, from your family and Donna.

Mike Hageman, from your family and Donna.

Haleigh Lockridge on No. 3, love Mommy, Daddy, Tannor, Aunt Taryn, Uncle Eddie, Eayon, Sydney, Grammy and Granddad.