Around Town – Nov. 19

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Nov. 19

Orchids to

the Greg Willmore letter to the editor.

the cashier and the lady in line with me at Rural King who bought me the raw peanuts. Thank you for your kindness, from Cheryl Hendry.

Sherry, our paper deliverer on Tipton Ct. Great to have you back.

Niki Kelly’s column.

Michael Leppert for an on-the-mark column.

Greg Willmore for his accurate letter.

Greg Willmore for his letter to the editor.

the outstanding column by Michael Leppert.

Robert and Patsy on Autumn Ridge Drive for the goodies that you gave us and the supplies, it was greatly appreciated, from Tim, Kelly, and Marty.

all the angels that the Lord just sent my way, always an angel that I’ve never met before to help me, I’m very thankful.

Mr. Willmore.

Destiny at Kroger for having such a helpful, pleasant attitude, from Luretta.

the master gardener’s volunteers at the Henry Breeding Farm for going out of their way to help me at the wreath decorating clinic.

Onions to

the convenience store that closes at 11 in the morning to unload a truck.

cutting down a tree and calling it going to a good cause when it just ends up in a wood chipper.

not understanding falling college numbers is because you can make $15 an hour without a degree and you’ll more than likely make $15 an hour with a degree.

the claim that election deniers belong to any party.

those who complain about making it too hard to vote but want to eliminate straight ticket voting.

the person who is egging cars on Autumn Ridge.

the political party that made a commitment to focus on inflation, the border and crime, yet now plan to focus on the justice department and the federal elected official’s son.

the individual who made an outrageous and cruel comparison with inaccurate numbers between our border and the Russian army invading Ukraine.

the wait to reveal the truth about the disastrous warp speed vaccinations and hopefully organizing and working to eventually eliminate them.

Happy Birthday to

Jane Unsworth, from your family and Donna.

Punky Hooker, from your family and Donna.

Judy Delph, love Kim and Pamela.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Teresa Webster, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Carol Dingledy, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Nancy Schoenbein, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Happy Anniversary to

John Kerns on No. 28, from Kari Kerns.