Letter: Voter salutes poll workers, ‘cornerstone’ to democracy

From: Michael Greven


This past week I voted. Our district voted this year at Mt. Healthy Church. It was late on Tuesday and the line was not short. I want to take a moment and thank the poll workers. They are the backbone of voting in this country and therefore an integral cornerstone to the democratic process.

The democratic process, as messy as it may be sometimes, is the best form of government there is. For this democratic process to be successful, we need to be confident that our votes are being counted properly.

All of the workers at my polling site were doing their job diligently and thoroughly from checking to the gentleman who explained the ballot to me. I was confident that my vote was being counted as it should be and that these members of our community were doing a solid job.

Thank you all poll workers, and in particular those who served at the Mt. Healthy Church this past week. Your efforts are appreciated.