Around Town – Nov. 22

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Nov. 22

Orchids to

the person who found the stuffed black puppy with the bandaid on it in the Target parking lot and took her to Lost and Found, we are tremendously grateful, from the Pandit Family.

Heritage Heights for providing Love Chapel staff and volunteers with popcorn, hot chocolate and a tent during the Latinx Mobile Pantry at Heritage Heights on such a cold, snowy day! from Love Chapel.

Mayor Jim Lienhoop for restoring professional management and true servant leadership to the office of the mayor.

Bartholomew County librarians checking on after-school students to make sure they are studying and not just socializing, and asking them to keep the noise down.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a courageous, trail-blazing woman who has dedicated her life to her country and the defense of the Constitution.

the editorial on Mike Pence’s memoirs.

the man at the Kroger gas station who helped me with my battery, thank you, from Patty.

Onions to

school athletic teams that released media day photos of only a select few players making the other players feel left out and causing a split on the teams.

the general contractor on National Road for not holding all subcontractors and employees to the same safety policies.

the former government official who may not feel Congress has any right to his testimony, but the American people certainly have a right to it.

the bakery worker who got upset when the paying customer did not wish them a good day.

the middle school pickup line that has a sign informing vehicles to pull forward when waiting for pickup.

the political party that should be wanting to put itself back together after demeaning itself.

health authorities whom the public relies on who encourage us to take vaccinations that have not been scientifically proven effective.

whoever placed all of the Indianapolis newspapers on top of all of the Republic newspapers last Saturday at the big box store on the west side.

the lady bringing her dog into a health care facility.

politicians who blame an administration for terrorists’ acts but when it’s their party in control, it becomes the terrorists who are to blame.

Happy Birthday to

Martha Guthrie, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Eddie Thifault, from JoAnne and Dennis.

Happy belated birthday to

Ellen Solich.