Letter: Divisive political attitudes won’t help solve problems

From: Bill Krieg


I’m 72 and have voted since I was 21 in every primary and general election. In all those years, I’ve voted for three Republicans. So yes, I consider myself a Democrat. However, for the past three elections I often vote for none of the candidates. My mother held county offices. Her father was involved in Democratic Party politics his whole life. Both were good people and well known and liked (I think and hope). You couldn’t have paid them to vote for a Republican; they were what was once called “yellow dog Democrats.”

So the idea presented by some local Democratic leaders that “(Republicans) vote for the tribe, Democrats vote for the person” in my experience is not true. I was disappointed to see my party suggest otherwise and in a passive aggressive way imply non-Democrat voters are less informed. If this is the attitude in Washington, I have little hope that the two major parties will ever accomplish much.