Around Town – Nov. 26

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Nov. 26

Orchids to

a belated happy Thanksgiving.

Mike and Charlotte French on the adoption of their grandniece!

Columbus Regional Hospital for replacing the worn out American flag, from Butch Brown.

Lee Hamilton’s always great columns, from Eric Bean.

Michael Leppert for his insightful column.

Nancy Pelosi, best Speaker of the House the U.S. have ever had.

my dear neighbors, Regina and Kelly Heagle, for their delicious Thanksgiving meal, they’re the greatest neighbors.

Onions to

a “united” world body, you are a farce, a travesty and have no true legitimacy.

leadership supporting a federal on-demand abortion until birth law, then claim we need amnesty for illegal immigrants because of population decline.

the local radio station going from sports to Christmas music and the turkey isn’t even in the refrigerator yet!

the prior administration’s China tariffs raising the prices of things we buy every day, the tariffs are paid by American consumers, not China.

those who aren’t supporting moving away from the terrible failures of the current federal administration.

my wife’s boss that is telling everyone where to park which is half a mile away from work but still she is able to park right at the door of the building.

Happy Birthday to

Connie Hedrick, love from Mom, brother Donald, nieces, and friends.

Happy Belated Anniversary to

John and Sherry Woods, from Larry and Kay.