Cummins to supply electrolyzer for Niagara Falls hydrogen plant

Cummins Inc. has said it will supply an electrolyzer system for a new hydrogen production plant in Niagara Falls, New York.

The Columbus-based company said Monday that it will supply a 35-megawatt electrolyzer system for new facility operated by British company Linde.

Electrolyzers are devices that use electricity to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can then be used to generate power for industrial, chemical and other applications, according to Cummins’ website.

Linde, which has the largest liquid hydrogen capacity and distribution system in the world, describes itself as a leading industrial gas and engineering company with 2021 sales of $31 billion.

In September, the U.K.-based company announced plans to increase its U.S. green hydrogen production. The Niagara Falls, New York, plant is expected to start operating by 2025, Linde said in a press release in September.

The Niagara Falls, New York, facility is expected to be Linde’s largest U.S. green hydrogen plant in what Cummins described as “significant progress in moving the green hydrogen economy forward.”

“This project is not only a milestone for Cummins, but also for the energy transition in the U.S.,” said Cummins President and Vice President of New Power Amy Davis. “Adding the 35MW of this Linde plant to our electrolyzer project footprint highlights our commitment to scaling the green hydrogen economy and our ability to support large-scale renewable hydrogen production with market-leading innovation.”

The announcement came just over two months after a Canadian energy company announced that it had selected Cummins to design and manufacture a 20-megawatt electrolyzer system to generate green hydrogen on the other side of the U.S.-Canada border in the province of Ontario.

In October, Canada-based Atura Power said the electrolyzer system will generate carbon-free green hydrogen at the Niagara Hydrogen Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The hydrogen will be provided to industrial customers for immediate consumption and will be transported and blended into the fuel stream at Atura Power’s Halton Hills Generating Station near Toronto, creating cleaner electricity for Ontario, the two companies said in a statement at the time.

Atura Power is a subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation, a Toronto-based energy company that is wholly owned by the provincial government of Ontario.

Detailed design work and system integration is underway, with plans to bring the Niagara Hydrogen Centre online in early 2024, according to the statement.

Cummins has said in the past that it expects green hydrogen to play an important role in cutting emissions in some of the industries that are most dependent on fossil fuels and now face strict climate targets in many countries.

In 2020, Cummins projected that its electrolyzer business will have about $400 million in annual revenues by 2025. By comparison, Cummins reported total full-year revenues of $24 billion last year.