Around Town – Jan. 12

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Jan. 12

Orchids to

Christine at Walmart for going to the back to get an item I needed as the shelf was empty, from Gerald Duncan.

Cody at Best Buy Geek Squad for his help in solving a persistent email problem.

Tom Heller for the very well-written spot-on letter.

Gov. Eric Holcomb for proposing increased spending for schools and public health programs.

Tom Heller for his letter.

Aaron Miller for his column about the terrible pollution in Indiana.

Dennis Baute’s letter.

to Mitchell Williams for breaking the tie during the first wrestling match at state and pinning the opponent so the Olympians could move into the winning bracket.

Onions to

the company that realizes they don’t have enough employee parking that should stop issuing parking violations for using the guest lot.

complaining about contributions made to save an architectural treasure that is part of Columbus’ fame, no one is forcing them to donate.

those who don’t realize that criminals do not obey gun control laws.

the county council that doesn’t realize just increasing pay alone won’t be enough for businesses to compete for workers in this challenging environment.

anyone who believes the federal elected official actually saw what is happening at the border.

town council members for the unprofessional and hostile meetings that embarrass the residents.

the legislative body for voting to make this country more of an oligarchy sliding to fascism under the guise it is for the “people.”

the archaic mindset of the legislature which is doing all it can to keep the state in the 19th century.

government officials for not immediately raiding the private residences of the federally elected official to see if more top-secret documents were illegally handled.

those who want us to believe that defunding the IRS helps Hoosier farmers when instead it is a favor to big corporations.

the snobbish article about how terrible the state of Indiana is to live in.

the trip to the southern border that was no more than a dog and pony show.

media outlets and politicians who have had a sudden change in their opinion on possession of classified documents.

the U.S. representative voting to rescind the IRS funding and then spewing lies to support his votes.

the secret documents found at a college with heavy Chinese financial influence.

the political party that told us that they are going to try to the keep the wealthiest people from having to pay taxes.

the team doctor scrolling through his phone while a player was injured on the court.

Happy Birthday to

Lily Retz on No. 16, from Dad, Mom, April, Katie, Alyson, Tommi, Nolan, Braelynn, and Grandma.

Ann Lucas, from your family and Donna.

Neal Newell, from your family and Donna.

Ronnie Trowbridge on No. 74! from Cindy, Joe, Sidney, Trace, Sissy, and Samantha.

Happy Anniversary to

Penny and Lou Stroup on No. 50. Mitchell Williams