Around Town – Jan. 13

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Jan. 13

Orchids to

Aaron Miller’s guest column.

Mary at CRH Breast Center for explaining procedures to me.

paper carrier Sherry who puts my paper near my porch every time there’s heavy rain.

President Joe Biden for turning over all top-secret documents immediately unlike the other guy.

Mark Johnston for installing a fence around our sapling willow tree to keep out the beaver, from David and Wilma Doup.

Frank’s Tree Care for their excellent job of tree trimming and their great clean up afterward, from David and Wilma Doup.

the manager of Best One Tire for his professional attitude to help an elderly lady with her tire issues, from another customer.

President Joe Biden and the leaders of Mexico and Canada for working together to find solutions to the migration of people fleeing crime and chaos in their own countries.

putting Indiana’s abortion laws up for a referendum.

Onions to

the unhinged representative who once again votes to shield the rich tax dodgers from the IRS and tries to scare the middle class with his imaginary boogeyman.

our representative’s not so surprising vote, based on false statements spread by him and his party.

insurrection committee led by insurrectionists and pardon seekers.

the spaghetti intersection at State Road 46 and I-65 confusing drivers, causing serious accidents.

the neighbors who walk their dog at night, even in dense fog, thus putting the dog, themselves and drivers at great risk.

the coach who subs in excited kids 17 seconds before the end of the game, only making the players to feel devalued.

the local police department that ask the public for tips on those that are wanted but never follow through with those tips.

the party for taking immediate action to go after family members which will have zero bearing on inflation or lowering American’s living costs.

the lie that a Congressional committee released the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens.

the elected official that voted to cut funds to the IRS because he didn’t want rich people to get audits and wanted the middle class to pay their taxes and wait on their refunds.

the u-turn at Center and Southeastern on Thursday.

the political party not taking any meaningful action to address inflation and lower Americans’ costs yet they’re jumping out of the gate with political stunts.

the political party that thinks the opposition party will do anything but ignore their subpoenas which the current party did when they received subpoenas.

Happy Birthday to

Shirley Smith, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Roberta DeSantis, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Terry Norman, from your family and Donna.

Barb Schnadinger, from your family, Mike and Donna.

Laurie Nichols, from your family and Donna.

Roberta DeSantis, from your family and Donna.

Kyle Huckaby, from Mom.

Roberta DeSantis, love Ron and Sara Schaub.

Barbara Schnadinger, from Jenny, Steve, and all the kids.

Roberta DeSantis.