Around Town – Feb. 22

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Feb. 22

Orchids to

all who provided immediate and subsequent care to my injury from a fall at a local restaurant, especially customer (nurse) Tammie, EMT members, and emergency room staff, Nurse Mike and PA Nicole, from Joe.

Pastor David Hinson for the meaningful message on Sunday at First Baptist Church.

Sadie and Vera Goss for beautiful music at Parkside Baptist Church on Sunday.

President Joe Biden for showing presidential strength and bravery during your trip to Kyiv.

President Joe Biden who inherited a mess at the southern border and has used the presidential power of humanitarian parole to improve the situation.

David Pardieck for towing my dad’s truck Monday afternoon! We greatly appreciate your help.

Clifty Creek Elementary PTO for the wonderful breakfast on professional development day, from the Clifty Creek staff.

the man in the red pickup that bought my supper at Arby’s Monday evening, it made my day.

Onions to

the councilman who only returns my calls in an election year.

people moving doublewide trailers into the neighborhood, and leaving black trash bags full under the porch for months.

the federal elected official for spending billions of taxpayers dollars on European countries while ignoring the problems at home.

anyone who considers their fellow Americans to be their enemy based on their political views.

the hospital for not having a rheumatologist on staff.

the idea that a sitting federal elected official can write a blank check to another country without first addressing this country’s critical needs.

those who needlessly feel the need to inject race into every situation.

Happy Birthday to

Iris Street, from your family and Donna.

Cody Burker, from your family and Donna.

Becky Floyd, from your family.

Grandma Judy on No. 82, from Miss Greene!