Around Town – Feb. 25

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Feb. 25

Orchids to

seeing daffodils blooming even if it is too early in the season.

Shawn at Lowe’s for the great assistance he provided to us while shopping for patio chairs.

Michael Leppert for his column in Thursday’s paper regarding telling the truth, the whole truth. We can handle it.

Michael Leppert for his insightful column about former federally elected officials and their party’s refusal to admit the truth.

Columnist Michael Leppert for his analysis of the former VP’s refusal to testify the truth.

those who realize the only problematic thing in our library is people trying to ban books.

the information in Thursday’s paper by Stephanie Cain about hospice, good job.

Michael J. Wilson’s letter to the editor in Thursday’s paper.

the reporter and public access counselor who persevered and got the overtime pay information from the auditor’s office.

Stacy and Abby at Traditions for all their extra help.

Onions to

the always attention seeking former guy who went to the site of a tragic train derailment that his safety cuts caused for a photo op and money-grabbing rally.

not having humanitarian efforts for the people in Ohio.

hypocritical legislators who shout about parent rights and yet don’t think parents should be allowed to make vital health care decisions for their LGBTQ+ children.

those that need a reminder you can’t spell convince and convert without C.O.N.

legislators making easy the availability of guns and those who use them for senseless slaughter.

former federal elected official who will stoop to anything for a photo op.

the former federal elected official for exploiting the Ohio train disaster to spread more lies, forgetting that his deregulations are the ultimate cause of the accident.

the lawmakers for proposing to cut funds to the Kinsey Institute.

the former federal elected official for his ridiculous dog and pony show in Ohio.

to lawmakers now trying to censor research by cutting funds to the IU Kinsey Institute.

the local coach who couldn’t coach even elementary basketball.

the companies that are hiring underage workers.

the column writer who should be more concerned about the truth from mainstream media on how the entire Biden family became so wealthy.

those who don’t realize mail isn’t delivered on holidays and in those days three newspapers come on Tuesday.

the local county official who is lacking in doing her job in a timely manner and doing it so unprofessionally.

the haters of the parent who continually strives for better accountability for children.

Happy Birthday to

Trish Park, from your family, co-workers, Secret Sisters.

Louie Grable, from your family and Donna.

husband, Jim Willis, on No. 84, from wife, Joyce Willis.

Robert Jordan, from Luretta.