Around Town – Feb. 28

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Feb. 28

Orchids to

Caffeinated Cabaret’s Ian Smith, Luis DeJesus, Jackson Warren, Connor Hannah, Stella Brummett, and Derek Patchett for a delightful student-led jazz concert at Four Seasons, from grateful attendees.

neighbor Darrell Burbridge for all his help while I was repairing a water leak under my house, from Don Harris.

Paris at Great Clips for a great haircut for my grandson, from a client.

former VP Mike Pence who called on his party to support Ukraine and said anyone who believes Putin will stop at Ukraine is wrong.

the Columbus East Jazz Band for its fun concert at Four Seasons on Sunday afternoon.

Greg Pence for holding community office hours and the Daily Journal for reporting the congressman’s stance on important issues.

Onions to

allowing military cargo planes to fly low over neighborhoods.

the former federal elected official for using a community tragedy in Ohio as a self serving political opportunity.

talk show host claiming the danger from the Ohio train wreck is due to how people who live there voted, which would explain the danger our country is in.

Indiana lawmakers for pushing a budget with an unreasonable amount of money for voucher schools.

the program paying outsiders to exhibit in Columbus instead of exhibiting local artists to all.

the columnist spouting the lie that Republicans want to stop or cut Social Security and Medicare.

the federal leader for nullifying the importance of American energy worldwide, by purchasing from our adversaries and strengthening the value of their resources.

the legislature expanding the private school voucher and refusing to abolish public school book fees.

an official for refusing to provide authorized public information until a complaint is filed.

legislators giving a 70 percent funding increase to schools serving only 10 percent of the student population while only giving a 6 percent increase to public schools which serve 90 percent.

legislators who have not become comfortable enough with their own sexuality to stop further research within the Kinsey Institute.

the political party that lets drugs flow into our community.

the former federal elected official who took away safety rules and regulations which made train transport more dangerous.

those who plan to oppose censorship yet practice censorship and cancellation on those with whom they disagree.

Happy Birthday to

Mandi Calhoun, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Chris Holwager, from Nana and Papa Holwager.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Jennifer Barr Speer, from all her friends.