Around Town – March 9

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

March 9

Orchids to

3rd Street Auto for taking care of our local teachers!

school corporation hiring more administrators to help with graduation rates.

those who stopped tuning into Fox because it has been proven through sworn testimony and their own texts and emails that they knowingly lie and distort the truth.

Abby at Total Fitness for all her hard work and attention to detail to keep the gym sparkling clean.

knowing the difference between entertainment and journalism.

the Biden administration for stopping more fentanyl at the border than any previous administration.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for releasing many additional hours of Jan. 6, 2021 video not previously aired.

Derek at FedEx for being so helpful on Wednesday morning, from the lady shipping the computer.

Mitch McConnell for coming out against Tucker Carlson’s false depiction of the Jan. 6 attack of the Capitol.

Carrie Turner for being the best animal control officer Bartholomew County has ever had.

Crystal at the Kroger self-checkout for her excellent personality and help.

Larry’s Auto Detailing Shop for doing a very professional job on my black Dodge Ram, it looks beautiful.

Onions to

the national news organization that continues to push racial bias by promoting certain skin colors over others, learn the meaning of equal treatment.

spending too much time on so-called LGBT “rights” since their rights are no more paramount than other citizen’s rights, and represent a very minuscule portion of society.

the television host trying to rewrite history through distorted snippets of Jan. 6th when we watched in real time the horror of the insurrection in its entirety.

stating public schools are not reaching out to parents about their child’s academic progress.

our own government allowing the violence and infiltration at our border.

people that see video footage of the so-called insurrection and can’t understand it was anything but an insurrection.

anyone who believes the nonsense spewing from someone who admits he is there for entertainment and ratings, lying at the expense of our country.

our local legislative leaders moving forward with a bill that allows guns to be carried on school grounds.

our local representatives passing legislation that allows an individual to decide for an entire school or an entire town what can’t be read in a library.

the thousands of pounds of fentanyl that have actually crossed our southern border.

the local representatives saying a bill doesn’t have a “chilling effect” when the sponsored bill carries jail time for educators.

the jail charging $1.30 for 10 little packs of artificial sweetener, you can purchase 250 little packs at the store for $5.

the country for having the highest maternal mortality rate among wealth industrialized nations.

firing the best animal officer that we’ve ever had just because he was doing his job.

the new pave job on County Road 525E but not fixing the part of the road where it’s falling off into the ditch.

anyone who believes anything broadcast on liberal tv that’s news.

Happy Birthday to

Rosie Hess, from your family and Donna.

Jude Yeaton, from your family and friends.