Around Town – March 14

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

March 14

Orchids to

former Democrats who realized they’d been lied to and have switched to a party they can believe.

Onions to

those who fall for the propaganda network’s self-admitted false stories and continuing to deny reality.

schools that teach other religions but won’t allow Christianity or the mention of God.

people and professors who think it’s cruel to not let kids read graphic sexual books.

the columnist who directs his negativity toward the wrong party, as usual, and has a meltdown when the party he opposes is successful in its accomplishments.

anyone who thinks strict oversight by self appointed community guardians is a good idea.

state legislators who plan to make Indiana public schools substandard by funneling more money to charter schools.

legislators for assigning more money to charter schools but not holding them to the same high accountability standards as public schools.

the school district for wanting to adopt the Eureka Math curriculum for elementary students – keep in mind that all students are not “Young Sheldons.”

school corporation that uses a collection agency to collect book fees.

out-of-touch legislators who don’t care that the majority of Hoosiers want Indiana to be welcoming to all people not just straight, white, religious zealots.

state legislators who are directing more money away from public schools, giving it to charter schools where there is no accountability for curriculum.

puppy mills and their greedy and cruel owners who subject animals to unsafe conditions, they should be shut down throughout the state.

the drive-in restaurant that hasn’t been here that long with poor service.

the traffic signal people in the city who won’t time their stoplights.

the city for leaving the Christmas lights up on Fourth Street and turned on year-round.

people who check out library books and then bend the pages down so they can find where their at, please ask for a bookmark.

the unfunny replacement comics.

the new time change.

federal bureaucrats who are doing little or nothing to stop the drug deaths and murders connected to the Mexican drug cartels.

voters this year must consider the lesser of two evils; one who bills and one who destroys.

Happy Birthday to

Jeanette Marsh, from your family and retiree lunch bunch.

Joan Trilling, from your family and Donna.

Sarah Speer, from all your Bartholomew County friends.

Happy Anniversary to

Charlotte and Ab Frazier-Bey, from your family and Donna.