Around Town – March 15

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

March 15

Orchids to

Chris at Reliable Chimney Sweep for the quick, courteous, and very reasonable service, from the Davis’.

Smartmatic for joining its business rival Dominion in filing a multi-billion defamation suit against that one national network that decides its own truth to suit its audience.

Sandcrest Dental for having a state of the art laser dental tool as a patient option by replacing anesthesia and drilling, I appreciated that.

legislation that lets parents direct their educational tax money to the school that best serves their plan for their students development.

the Dominion lawsuit against FOX news which is already exposing much of the lies and deceit perpetrated on the American public.

FOX news for taking pictures, on site investigations and giving the actual facts.

all the guys at Best One Tire for the super job.

Lawrence O’Donnell for broadcasting the truths and facts.

Onions to

the local burger restaurant that cannot get their app to work correctly without freezing up their computer system.

the rude, inconsiderate neighbor who sped backward out of her driveway and almost hit me while I was walking my dog.

public school administrators pushing curriculum and library book policies that make charter and private schools the best option for parents that have a different focus.

people for years saying there is no homeless problem in Columbus and yet blaming most of the illegal dumping on homeless encampments.

local financial organization for their lack of communication, causing stress and confusion to librarians and library patrons.

ordering me an antihistamine medication that is online already.

government regulators forcing responsible banks and depositors to cover for the mistakes and errors of banks which lost money.

the white car that cut through the parking lot to miss others cars and a traffic light.

the former guy who did away with banking regulations.

those who want to bail out banks and yet don’t want to do anything about those at the bottom such as those with massive student loan debt and single mothers.

Happy Birthday to

Rory Glick, from your family and Donna.

Cindy Fillenworth, from your family and Donna.

Glyn Price, from your family, Harold, Thamara, Adeleye, Gabriel, Aiden and Donna.

Amy Lian, from your family and Donna.

Kurt Nunemaker, from Kim, Randy, and Sarah.

Cynthia Fillenworth, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Todd Garrison, from Luretta and the Garrison family.