Around Town – March 16

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March 16

Orchids to

Michael Leppert’s Friday column.

President Biden for trying to save us from gun violence by insisting on background checks.

realizing that legislators shouldn’t be giving voucher money to families of four that make $220,000 a year while taking away parent choice from the families that have chosen public school at a rate of 94%.

the government for turning out to be the savior of Silicon Valley’s small government libertarians.

additional regulations for railroads and banks, because history has proven we just can’t trust the people running them.

Onions to

political party members who think anyone would switch to their party for any other reason but gerrymandering, because that’s the only way to get elected in this state.

the washboarded almost undriveable Chestnut Street.

school considering spending $1.3 millions for a new math curriculum which has so many non-math related topics, such as “expression and communication, equitable teaching.”

those who don’t realize it is not cost effective to take down Christmas lights downtown because there are too many.

the cartoon that is so childish and wrong.

the politician who did not report the treasonous acts of his boss leading up to the insurrection, making him partially responsible.

the alumni association for printing the 2022 alumni directory that included personal information for a lot of people without permission.

the former guy who signed a bill rolling back regulations on banks.

state legislators who do not trust doctors.

uneducated people who are accusing teachers and librarians of grooming kids.

college officials across the country who restrict free speech and encourage violent protests.

Happy Birthday to

Gloria Hartwell, from Jay, Heather and Chris.

Alan Retz, from Missy, April, Katie, Alyson, Tommi, Nolan, Lily, Braelynn and Mom.

Greg Jessup, from Dirk, Tracy, TD, Jordan.