Letter: Sen. Walker’s actions belie concerns for mental health

From: Stephanie Carmer


I was absolutely struck by the insincerity and disingenuousness of Sen. Greg Walker’s taxpayer-paid email touting his concern about mental health. I find it quite pompous of Sen. Walker to pretend to be concerned about mental health. If Sen. Walker really cared or was concerned, he would be doing something about what causes most cases of mental health issues, which is childhood trauma (see cydbartholomew.org). Traumas caused by inadequate or unstable housing, unyielding work requirements in a state with few worker rights and no respect or concern for those needing affordable childcare. Or child abuse that occurs but is tolerated because it is done under the guise of religious freedom.

Sen. Walker’s co-authoring Senate Bill 480 (which restricts gender-affirming health care for minors) is downright deplorable. How dare Sen. Walker spout parental freedom to justify keeping kids from real history and facts and then thumb his nose at parents’ ability to keep their children’s mental health intact. Shame on Sen. Walker. He does not deserve the grace or trust of the people in his Senate district or the State of Indiana!