Around Town – March 18

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March 18

Orchids to

Lou Ann at CRH for the help with the hospital bill and payment information, from Joyce Adams and Darrin Louden.

John Krull for another great column.

John Krull for Friday’s column.

Dr. Ikhlaque, Anna and the entire Oncology Infusion Center at CRH for the wonderful care of my wife, from a grateful husband.

the story on the water utility’s move to self regulate which enabled me to vote against it.

Wednesday’s cartoon.

President Biden for honoring his word and doing everything he promised to do except of course those things the opposition party will not allow him to do.

Adam and Michael at Menard’s plumbing for your kind service.

FOX news, fair, balanced, and still unafraid.

the girls in X-ray and c-scan at CRH who were so nice to my son who is in a wheelchair.

John Krull for his column for speaking the truth.

the excellent editorial in Friday’s paper.

CRH’s valet service workmen, Brian and Ray, for their friendly and helpful service in coming to our van to offer assistance on a cold day, from the people in a silver Ford van.

Onions to

state legislators’ cruelty to children.

the administration making foreign adversaries laugh by warning them about what they do.

the local company for raising my retiree monthly insurance premiums 68 percent.

no speed traps on Marr Road unlike 50 years ago when you saw a police car every day and very few people disregarded the speed limit laws.

leader trying to make us think that bank account holders and ultimately taxpayers won’t be paying for his bailouts of risky banks.

faint road lines on County Road 450S by factories.

not grasping the fact that criminals don’t obey laws, which is why they are called criminals.

not understanding that most mass shootings are done with legally purchased firearms.

the former federal leader, who loves to praise Putin and Russia, claims “U.S. is the greatest threat to Western civilization,” but he still wants to be leader again of the same U.S.

news media and talk show host who seems to always criticize the Christian values this country was founded upon.

Happy Birthday to

Steve Henry, the best locksmith around.

Summer Arnholt, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Hayden Mead, love Mommy, Cade, Posey and Boo.

Joey Tanner, from a friend.