Around Town – March 26

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March 26

Orchids to

the person who found my wallet at the 25th Street Marathon and returned it to my home.

Michael at PT Solutions for being an excellent trainer.

the common sense column from Jay Ambrose.

Jay Ambrose.

Neil Smith who introduced five birds from Utopia to Fairlawn Presbyterian Church.

the Republic newspaper for sending my request for three copies of Columbus Magazine, featuring Dr. Amanda Dornfeld. I am so grateful.

Jay Ambrose for his opinion piece for a song which is about feeling good.

Saturday’s article pointing out the importance of knowing where the candidate’s money is coming from and what they stand for.

the long needed balance of Jay Ambrose’s guest column calling out woke craziness.

Happy Birthday to

Nancy Grimes, from your family, Georgina, Terry and Donna.

Ralph Blewett, from your family and Donna.

Charlotte Condon, from all your family.

Alberta Carvin on No. 90! love Randy, Hope and Robert.

Donnie Morgan, from mom, Junior, Jacob, Tiffany, Dwight Sr., Wilma, Rodger Jr., Dawn, family and friends.

Mark Wray, from Pat, Mike and family.