Letter: Residents must stay active on housing affordability

From: Brook Brown


We all have to take responsibility and take action if we want a better city, county and state. Honestly, where do you see us in five years if things don’t start changing in favor of the least of us? Where will those of us who can’t earn three times rent live? What about the grandma on a fixed income and a paid-for house getting taxed out of her neighborhood? How many more cornfields will get torn up for half-million-dollar mansions while saying “no one want to build affordable”?

This is why some of us say Columbus is not welcoming to all, only to those who can afford to be here. I know this is not all of Columbus’ fault since our Statehouse has banned many of the proven fixes to this level of housing inequity. But can’t we at least give code enforcement some backup? Can we please give the Human Rights Commission the power to do something about our slumlords? Why are predators given free roam in Columbus, and Indiana at large?

I encourage every one of us to be asking elected officials why at every opportunity! Everyone needs to be asking themselves “what part do they play in this staying the same?”

Are you registered to vote?

Are voting in every election?

Are you reading up on the candidates you choose?

Do those candidates worry more about business than people?

Are you asking the people around you if they are registered to vote?

If you are on a board, are you voting for things that help people, but hurt others and call it “collateral damages” or worse, “the cost of doing business”?

Are you selling your property to an out-of-state investor? A corporate landlord?

Democracy is an “action” word — we have to stay active, Columbus!