Around Town – March 30

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March 30

Orchids to

Verizon for great service from employees to reset my new phone, very patient and understanding team.

the staff at Just Friends for making caregivers lives better.

the editorial cartoon in Wednesday’s Republic, not funny but so true, sadly.

Tom Jekel for his wonderful article in The Republic on “The Sandwich Generation” focusing on Just Friends Adult Day Services.

Harris Faulkner for her book, “Faith Still Moves Mountains: Stories about the healing power of prayer.”

justice being served at every level of involvement for all those who participated in the insurrection.

Ian Smith and the Jazz Ensemble for an excellent jazz concert at Four Seasons Retirement Center.

knowing if we really want to keep our children safe, we should spend less time banning books and more time stopping the horrific gun violence in our schools.

Onions to

elected officials who think they know better what’s good for our children than the child’s parents and physician.

representatives focusing more on banning books than keeping our kids safe from guns, the leading cause of their deaths.

not asking the question, are the test buses and their million mile drive turning our streets into a wash-boarded mess?

the representatives who did no research and made themselves look like fools while questioning the CEO of a large company.

coaches who don’t play freshmen even when they’re up by 14 points.

anyone who thinks permanent genital mutilation on minors is health care.

the company plan to increase monthly medical premiums yearly to eliminate retiree benefits.

political party that is “pro-life,” except when it comes to our children in schools.

using the term gender affirming care, instead of genital mutilation.

the gas station that raised its gas prices over 50 cents a gallon.

the candidate who violates the law by putting campaign signs on public property.

the candidate who is paying people to display his political signs and also illegally placing them in the right of way.

the people who keep voting to re-elect our state officials.

parents who expect other family members to take care of their kids while they do their thing.

the political party that is OK with schools getting shot up over and over again because they won’t pass legislation that will do something to stop it.

those who think a child can be hurt by a book but don’t care about them getting killed by guns in school.

schools more worried about politics than educating our children.

the hypocritical elected official wanting flags flown at half-staff for victims of gun violence but will speak at the gun rights organization convention.

the car that blew the light at 25th and Hawcreek.

Happy Birthday to

Sherri Grable, from your family and Donna.

Govind Athreya, from your family and Donna.

Curt Fulp, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Cathy Pavey, from the Garrison kid.

Chevelle on No. 5, love from Meme, Papa, Tommy, Aunt Chelle, and Uncle Cody.

Pauline Stillabower on No. 100!

Happy Anniversary to

Richelle and Cody Rothrock on No. 1, love from Mom and Tommy.