Around Town – May 12

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May 12

Orchids to

Yetlanetzi at the Library for all your help, from Luretta.

Pulitzer Prize winners exposing corrupt practices in a small southern town.

Sreepadaarchana Munjuluri and her powerful spoken word!

guest column regarding how an old movie compares to the manipulation by a television station today.

the editorial in Thursday’s Republic regarding the Supreme Court and ethic reform.

the man that turned in my billfold at the Service Desk at Walmart, bless him.

Onions to

the new fad in Columbus of U-turns wherever there is a median, you’re making a right turn on red really dangerous.

the leadership of our country doing such a good job on immigration that it’s now officially going to be a chaotic situation.

the water company for not being able to provide proof that the water is safe after the boil water advisory by flushing out their systems.

state’s supermajority adding yet another increase to the gas tax.

the driver of the black Mustang with the loud exhaust who makes as much noise as he can while speeding through the neighborhood.

those who think that the one branch of federal government is to blame when it is the one individual in high office that’s to blame.

the leaders and politicians who will not stop the hellscape coming across our border and protect we citizens.

the state elected official who doesn’t even stick around to make sure that things are done properly.

Happy Birthday to

Gloria Stillabower, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Rebecca Zhu, from your family, Doug, Zaimeire and Donna.

Georgina Burker, from your family and secret sisters.

Mark Scott, love family and friends.

Grandpa, love Oliver.