Around Town – May 27

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May 27

Orchids to

knowing that Democrats want clean air and water, universal health care, better public schools and more social justice for everyone, but Republicans don’t.

Rep. Greg Porter for his accurate analysis of this year’s budget as a squandered opportunity.

Grace, Rosie, Lolo, Stacey, Margaret, Mary, the young lady from North, and Bronson for all the wonderful gifts, from the crossing guards, Betty and Sande, have a fun summer.

the editorial about the Lincoln Park shooting.

the man on the big green John Deer tractor who mowed the grass the both sides of Tellman Road on Thursday afternoon, it looks wonderful, from T&K Trucking.

Dale Moore’s Country Store on 10th Street, I enjoy seeing your wall art whenever I pass by.

Onions to

the direction the city is going, it’s time to stop all the real estate shenanigans and get back to police, fire and roads.

the state official continuing to waste taxpayer money for his personal vendetta against a doctor trying to do the right thing.

downtown landlords who live out of state and do not maintain their properties.

the people who keep voting for the pro gun party.

the licensing board for punishing a doctor who did her duty.

the coach who continues to play his own daughter and niece but can’t play the other girls on the team, and ruining a holiday vacation weekend by having mandatory practice.

another summer and a band director who has decided to still have band practice at a quarter to nine.

people who don’t know the difference between a headlock and a choke hold.

the golf cart that races up and down the private street.

the federal agency which has defanged mainline organizations by including them on a “far right extremist” pyramid.

the guest columnist slandering the state for protecting the lives of the unborn and protecting children against grooming and shooting in our schools.

Happy Birthday to

Alice Rawlinson, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Morgan Smith, from your family and Donna.

Pete Wilkerson, from your family and Donna.

Jackie Speaker, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

John Blanford, from your sister Tinkle.

Lori Mason, from Mark and Debbie.

Happy Anniversary to

Jordan and Stephannie Turner, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.