Around Town – June 3

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

June 3

Orchids to

the gentleman who loaded the bags of soil in my car when no one was around to help.

Democrats for saving our country from defaulting on its debts and other obligations.

Shirley Trapp for being a Turning Point volunteer since 2016, your dedication is appreciated, from Turning Point.

Laura Garrett for being my Dream Queen, from Jamie Goldsborough.

that in two years as a recreational level pickleball player, I have never been run off, or accosted, nor have witnessed any such actions at Donner Pickle ball courts.

recreation level pickleball players who make every effort to be inclusive to everyone who comes to play at Donner Park.

Linda Kunce for the delicious strawberries!

John Krull for another column about the state official’s misdeeds.

Onions to

the legislator who apparently has never seen the advice not to drink and drive and is unaware that the law states you are to remain at the scene of an accident.

the pickleball club members who rudely forced us off the public courts even though no one was playing on them or waiting to play on them.

the political party supporting elder abuse.

loud Mustangs and motorcycles doing wheelies in the downtown area.

building more overpriced apartments to sit empty while low-income families are facing food and housing security challenges.

not thinking what was viable before the pandemic might not be a good idea now, we’re only one pandemic away from bankrupting the city.

the bizarre, impatient, rude, speeding, U-turning, loud mufflered, road-raged drivers of Columbus.

the local legislator arrested for driving under the influence and a general behavior making him totally unfit to represent us.

the federal agency head who is defying a legally-issued subpoena.

criticizing the state representative’s mistake, may those without sin cast the first stone.

Happy Birthday to

Crystal Rickard, from your many appreciative clients.

Tommie Krager, from your family and Donna.

Gordon Skinner, from your family.

Brian Heck, from Rhonda, the Heck family, the Gates family, and the Morrow family.

Bob Taylor on No. 90, from family and friends.