Around Town — June 9

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

June 9

Orchids to

our six new firefighters, thank you in advance for what you do.

Doris Childers for the lovely “Best Shot” photo of an Eastern Giant Swallowtail Butterfly/Papilio cresphontes in Wednesday’s paper.

the friendly and competent crew of Cain’s Tree Service that did an amazing job removing a gigantic maple tree.

Gabe and the technician at HK automotive for their great help getting my car fixed and letting me know that my oil wasn’t leaking, from Elizabeth.

Eric Riddle and panelists for the discussion at the library on the 2008 flood, it was very informative.

Brittany at Shoe Carnival for all of her great help.

Sandi Allman, a librarian who visits GreenTree monthly to help us with our technology issues on our devices, we are very grateful.

the two local city officials that are using common sense.

the judge in Florida who blocked Florida’s ban on trans minor care.

The Republic for printing the Washington Post article about the debt ceiling.

council members for keeping the taxpayer in their minds.

local EMT Duane Risser who recently graduated from Marian University, Indianapolis, with a degree in nursing.

Onions to

people who make excuses for abusive behavior in others.

the judge who thinks he needs extra “protection” but denied such to a women who became a victim.

people who don’t know that Congress is made up of two halves, the House and the Senate.

politicians who have now found a voice and are now wholeheartedly and publicly denouncing the former leader who nearly destroyed this country.

the untruthful cartoon about inflation.

my wife’s coworkers, knowing that she’s on vacation and still texting her on what to do and who to get in contact with.

people who quickly jump to conclusions only later to be proven totally incorrect.

politicians who voted against raising the debt ceiling which could have caused a major economic collapse if not raised.

Happy Birthday to

Joe Lott, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Jim Kelly, from your family and Donna.

Jill Mallory, from the Morrow family.