Letter: Pickleball club president: park courts open to all

From: Nancy Conner


The mission of Columbus Pickleball Club (CPC) is to promote the sport of pickleball as a fun, healthy recreational activity for all skill levels in Columbus and the surrounding area. Columbus is fortunate to have six pickleball courts at Donner Park. Unfortunately, the game has become so popular for all ages that six courts does not meet the demands of play. CPC continues to offer clinics to teach the game through Parks and Recreation and Foundation for Youth to be true to our mission statement. It is exciting to see the new players learning the game and loving it. Pickleball is truly a game for all ages that can be played at any level and promotes health, both physically and emotionally.

CPC is responding to a complaint regarding “unwelcoming” behavior when coming to play pickleball at Donner courts. CPC has stressed to the club to always be welcoming to players whether CPC members or not. Donner Courts are public courts and are indeed open to all! We continue to be excited seeing others come play and having fun. We especially enjoy seeing families coming to play. It is true that club members usually offer new players the opportunity to rotate in and play with the group, which is what many people do and enjoy. However, if players do not choose to join in with ongoing play, then as a court opens up, they should play on the open court. CPC will work with Parks and Recreation to revise the schedule to make certain that the schedule always allows for all to be able to play.

CPC will further educate members on pickleball etiquette and sharing the limited amount of courts available. We will continue to work with Parks and Recreation regarding court expansion. Unfortunately the Richards tennis courts which were used for pickleball are no longer available due to maintenance issues. In addition, Parks and Recreation is currently working on new signage to address play times at the courts.

It is unfortunate that incidents occur that make players feel unwelcomed. This is not in alignment with CPC’s mission statement and we encourage everyone to come play this great game.

Editor’s note: Nancy Conner is president of the Columbus Pickleball Club.