Letter: Reader feels loss as paper reduces to twice weekly

From: Wilford Lutes


I have had contact with the local paper for nearly 70 years. In my early teens I was a paper carrier on a five-mile route with over 80 customers. While in college, I had the local paper delivered to me by US mail, and it was received the next morning.

Since then my wife and I have received the local paper by carrier since we have lived in Columbus for most of our married life. When we get the paper I usually spend two or three hours reading the paper we now receive. My wife reads what I am not reading when she can.

When the paper goes to the internet, I am going to be able to spend very little time on trying to read the news. My wife does not know how to use a computer, so she would not be able to read it at all.

I have not seen what the paper will cost when it goes to only printing two days a week, but if it is much more than $15 a month we will be forced to discontinue our subscription. I will miss the TV programs notices, and a lot of local news. The state and national news I will receive from the Indianapolis television channels.

So we will miss the local paper when the online publications begins.