Destyni Jones: Fewer teens obtaining driver’s licenses

Teens in America have been taking more and more time to acquire their licenses. With less than 50% of those ages 16-19 having their licenses in the year 2021, the rate is declining quickly.

There could be multiple reasons for this including car cost, gas cost, and even the time it takes for students to get their licenses.

Driver education classes having multiple courses and a maximum of three hours a day, making the education system before getting a license is very time consuming. If teens don’t complete driver ed beforehand, it adds more time to getting their license.

Senior Jaelyn Boswell said, “I didn’t drive this summer because my friend drove me around, as I don’t like to drive. I hate driving.”

Getting a license has become more complicated and expensive as years have passed.

Starting in 1996, teens had to spend multiple months gaining knowledge on having a license before being obtaining one, along with prices rising on actually acquiring the license.

These terms combined with America’s economy making cars and car insurance more difficult to access has stunted some teens’ plans to start driving.

Senior Alyssa Tingle says, “I haven’t driven in months, as my car is needing some repairs.”

Driving symbolizes a sense of responsibility and adulthood for many teens. It is what many people would refer to as a “start to freedom”. The difficulties of getting a license may hold back that feeling of readiness for the adult world from many teens.

Senior Josiah Hifo said, “I’m just getting my driving permit. Since we live in a small town, it’s pretty easy to walk around and get what you need.”