Discover Columbus Pickleball tourney draws record numbers

From left, Sable Yrjanson and Caleb Jones square off against Jeff Schimmelpfennig and Karen Higgins in the Mixed Doubles 4.5 Skill Final on Sunday in the Discover Columbus Pickleball Tournament at Donner Park.

A record 330 players competed in this weekend’s Sixth Annual Discover Columbus Pickleball Tournament at Donner Park.

Tami Schwenk of Columbus and Kelly Fox of Westport were local winners. They captured the Women’s Doubles 50-and-over 3.5 Skill division.

The other winners were as follows:

Peter Woodward and Joe Gorajec (Men’s Doubles 50-and-over 3.0 Skill)

Roy Knapp and Scott Tyson (Men’s Doubles 50-and-over 3.5 Skill)

Troy Wright and Randy Stahley (Men’s Doubles 50-and-over 4.0 Skill)

Ben Hendricks and Trey Mock (Men’s Doubles 3.0 Skill)

Vinod Potturi and Tom Gowin (Men’s Doubles 3.5 Skill)

Ambrose Garcia and Braedon Garcia (Men’s Doubles 4.0 Skill)

Jonathan Miller and Jonathan Kersey (Men’s Doubles 4.5 Skill)

Joe Ruminski and Nathan White (Men’s Doubles 5.0 Skill)

Marianna Richards and Phillip Sherill (Mixed Doubles 70-and-over 3.0 Skill)

Sue Miller and Marcus Miller (Mixed Doubles 70-and-over 3.5 Skill)

Kiran Tujare and Clayton Stine (Mixed Doubles 3.0 Skill)

Kelly Poole and Grant Poole (Mixed Doubles 3.5 Skill)

Jaclyn Keller and Parwinder Atwal (Mixed Doubles 4.0 Skill)

Karen Higgins and Jeff Schimmelpfennig (Mixed Doubles 4.5 Skill)

Courtney Shedd and Kirby Shedd (Mixed Doubles 5.0 Skill)

Jennifer Bryant and Christy Hanlon (Women’s Doubles 50-and-over 3.0 Skill)

Shannon Scott and Jennifer Bray (Women’s Doubles 50-and-over 3.5-4.0 Skill)

Shana Quebe and Jennifer Stahley (Women’s Doubles 50-and-over 4.0 Skill)

Sarah Nofziger and Emily Marlin (Women’s Doubles 3.0 Skill)

Cheryl Smith and Tricia Skinner (Women’s Doubles 3.5 Skill)

Taylor McIntire and Jaclyn Keller (Women’s Doubles 4.0 Skill)

Jessica Jones and Angela Petterson (Women’s Doubles 4.5 Skill)

Ginny Purdy and Tammie Steele (Women’s Doubles 5.0 Skill)