Around Town – Nov. 15

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Nov. 15

Orchids to

the editorial about homelessness and the council members for organizing the forum.

Niki Kelly for pointing out the refusal of the legislature to do anything about the very real problem of child care affordability.

Cracker Barrel in Seymour for their generosity due to a extremely long wait on a busier-than-usual Sunday afternoon.

Carol Rumble for her years of thoughtful notes to children, youth and adults, amazing — a simple act of kindness with a lasting impact!

John F. Kennedy, who said “libraries should be open to all — except the censor.”

Hauser High School’s veterans program, it was great.

Hope Baptist Church for having a good turkey supper.

Onions to

politicians who campaign on fears and divisiveness rather than plans for how they can improve anything.

people having amnesia of causality by forgetting why Israel is doing what they are doing.

the former guy echoing words of 20th Century fascists.

the politicians financing the number one state sponsor of terrorism through their failed policies.

grocery stores that expect us to self-checkout, self bag and self-load our groceries with no incentive to do so.

Happy Birthday to

Russ Skinner, from your family and Donna.

Nancy Malan, from your family and Donna.

Emmelene Johnson, from your family and Donna.

Happy Anniversary to

Scott and Cara Chitwood, from your family and Donna.