Around Town – June 4

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June 4

Onions to

the conviction from a major blue bias city which created a major slippery slope going forward into a new era of politics.

not realizing the previous president changed our Supreme Court by allowing it to facilitate a shadow docket allowing for so many national issues to be resolved in brief, often unsigned orders, leaving the public in the dark as to what new doctrine is being created.

all the psychological disorders on display when the previously elected president goes on one of his rambling “everyone is picking on me” tirades.

the city that continues to spend large amounts of money on things like the Sears building when property taxes are already making housing unaffordable.

the after school summer program that didn’t inform the parents that there would not be a playground for my elementary school kids to play on all summer long.

moving an outdoor concert that we all love to an indoor place that we won’t attend.

the columnist who thinks the current leader even with the help of biased moderators can or did defeat our former competent leader in a debate.

Happy Birthday to

Mark Hartwell, from Debbie.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Virginia Johnson on No. 100, from your family and friends.