Around Town – June 18

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June 18

Orchids to

CPD Officer Andrew Plank for his quick thinking and heroism in saving the mother and child in the river rescue!

to CPD’S heroic officer, Andrew Plank for rescuing the distressed mother and child from the river.

Onions to

public facility posting “No Parking. Tow Away Zone” signs on their neighbors’ street due to their Plaza concert.

people who have yet to realize that religion is the root of all evil.

those thinking a desire to end a war and release hostages is nothing but a political stunt.

kids and adults driving golf carts on public streets.

those continuing to allow Christian nationalists to gain a foothold in their effort to throw this country back to the 18th century through political power.

the childish vandals who dumped all the trash barrels and spread the garbage over the grass at the Parkside athletic fields.

a lack of understanding that even with all the dignity, respect and other word salad you can’t help people who refuse to be helped.

payment system for being down for months

Happy Birthday to

Ann Arterburn, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.