Tune in Tonight: History recalls Jesse Owens

With the Paris Summer Olympic Games just over a month away, the History Channel recalls one of the Olympics’ most stirring stories.

Broadcast to coincide with Juneteenth, “Triumph: Jesse Owens and the Berlin Olympics” (8 p.m., History, TV-PG) recalls the American track star who not only won races at the 1936 Games but offered a stirring rebuke of the master race theories that had become the official policies of the Games’ host country.

Produced by LeBron James and narrated by Don Cheadle, “Triumph” offers thrilling footage of Owens’s four gold-medal-winning races as well as an examination of his life as a Black American, born in 1913 in segregated Alabama, the son of a sharecropper and the grandson of a slave.

The Olympic Committee had awarded the games to Berlin in 1931, two years before Hitler’s rise to power. By 1936, the Nazi dictator had planned to use the games as propaganda for Germany and a showcase for the physical superiority of his “Aryan” race of purebred Germans. By taking home four gold medals, Owens deflated Hitler’s plans.

“Triumph” presents archival interviews with

Owens and enhances its narrative with animation. It also presents contemporary and historical interviews with family members, journalists, historians and athletes, including Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis.

Owens’ triumphs at the Berlin games took place at the same time that heavyweight boxers Max Schmeling from Germany and Black American Joe Louis were battling in the ring. Schmeling would triumph in 1936 before being knocked out by the “Brown Bomber” in 1938.

Although Americans celebrated these sports triumphs, Black citizens couldn’t help but see the irony of their countrymen criticizing Hitler’s policies while maintaining a law of apartheid in so many American states.

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