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Home crowd now backs No. 2 Medvedev, because of French coach

PARIS — Daniil Medvedev had never been past the first round at the French Open before. ...

Ready or not, skateboarding takes its show to the Olympics

DES MOINES, Iowa — The hotel door opens and, fast as that, the sound of polyurethane clicking across concrete begins. The rhythmic grrrr-chk-chk-grrrr-chk-chk-grrrr-chk-chk sound...

Olympic snowboarder Julie Pomagalski dies in avalanche at 40

PARIS — Julie Pomagalski, a former Olympic snowboarder from France, has died in an avalanche in the Swiss Alps. She was 40. ...

Snowboarding world championships moved to Aspen from China

OBERHOFEN, Switzerland — The snowboarding world championships were moved Tuesday from China to the United States because of travel restrictions related to the coronavirus...