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Tons of dead fish in Tampa Bay blamed on toxic red tide

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A unusually large bloom of toxic red tide is being blamed for a massive fish kill in Florida's environmentally sensitive...

‘Nobody’s winning’ as drought upends life in US West basin

TULELAKE, Calif. — Ben DuVal knelt in a barren field near the California-Oregon border and scooped up a handful of parched soil as dust...

Another mild algae bloom forecast for Lake Erie this summer

TOLEDO, Ohio — The toxic blob of algae that turns western Lake Erie a ghastly shade of green each summer and threatens drinking water...

Hundreds of lakes in U.S., Europe are losing oxygen

Oxygen levels have dropped in hundreds of lakes in the United States and Europe over the last four decades, a new study found. ...

Florida to close wastewater reservoir with leak history

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Florida is moving to permanently close the leaky Piney Point wastewater reservoir that poured millions of gallons of water into...