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France: Lebanon is running out of time before total collapse

PARIS — France's foreign minister warned on Thursday that Lebanon is running out of time before it could see a total collapse, urging the...

Burning tires: Lebanon’s protesters send dark, angry message

BEIRUT — It’s an expression of anger but also of helplessness: Anti-government protesters in Lebanon are burning tires to block key roads, releasing dense...

Anger in Lebanon as currency, prices spiral out of control

BEIRUT — Protesters in Lebanon burned tires and closed several major roads on Thursday as the severe economic crisis gripping the country continued to...

COVID-19 kills former Lebanese militant Anis Naccache

DAMASCUS, Syria — Anis Naccache, a former pro-Palestinian militant who participated in the 1975 kidnapping of oil ministers in Vienna, died Monday after battling...

Wife: No signs of torture on body of slain Hezbollah critic

BEIRUT — An independent autopsy revealed no signs of torture on the body of a well-known Lebanese publisher and vocal critic of the Shiite...