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GOP’s Tenney, who won House seat by 109 votes, is sworn in

Republican Claudia Tenney of New York was sworn in Thursday as a member of Congress, reclaiming a seat she lost two years ago and...

Amid COVID shutdowns, GOP’s McCarthy attended son’s wedding

MORRO BAY, Calif. — At a time when California residents were being urged to avoid social gatherings because of the risk of spreading coronavirus,...

Indiana lawmakers debate environmental regulation, rollbacks

INDIANAPOLIS — As Indiana lawmakers debate dozens of bills addressing environmental matters, tensions are flaring over whether the state should adopt greener initiatives or...

GOP bill would force yearly teacher action on union dues

INDIANAPOLIS — Republican lawmakers are advancing a bill that would require Indiana teachers to renew requests every year for automatic deduction of union dues...

AP-NORC poll: Few in US say democracy is working very well

WASHINGTON — Only a fragment of Americans believe democracy is thriving in the U.S., even as broad majorities agree that representative government is one...

Indiana Senate votes to override local rental rules ban veto

INDIANAPOLIS — Republican lawmakers took the first step Monday toward overriding the Indiana governor’s veto of a bill blocking cities from regulating rental properties,...