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Powell’s high-stakes bet: More jobs but only mild inflation

WASHINGTON — With employers hiring, consumers spending and companies raising some prices, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is embarking on a high-stakes gamble. ...

German unemployment steady in April despite lockdown

BERLIN — Unemployment in Germany remained steady in April, according to official figures Thursday, as pandemic lockdown measures in Europe‚Äôs largest economy appeared not...

German unemployment slightly lower in March

BERLIN — Unemployment in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, was slightly lower in March thanks to seasonal factors, official data showed Wednesday. Extensive use of...

From job cuts to online commerce, virus reshaped US economy

WASHINGTON — At first, it was expected to be brief. At least that was the hope. ...

German unemployment still largely steady despite lockdown

German unemployment held more or less steady in February despite the impact of lockdown measures, according to official data released Tuesday. Extensive use of...